On 'letting go'

The 'Soltar' earrings and their stones inspired us
to write on letting go & holding on. 
It feels like a wave like process of attaching value, time ⁠and energy to a subject or experience.⁠
With the freedom to let go or hold on.⁠

Where any investment made in our past, ⁠
is a gift for the now. ⁠
Where anything we carried along, becomes an option to choose from in the present. ⁠
Where it is up to our future self to hold on ⁠
or to let go of these gifts.⁠

Where it can be a superpower to let go.⁠
To have a sense of our fleeting nature and needless identification.⁠
Where letting go can proof far greater power than ⁠
clinging or hanging on. ⁠

Where it can be a super power to hold on.⁠
To be rewarded with compounding returns in our relationships and careers.⁠
Where long term thinkings trumps shopping for novelty. ⁠

Whether we let go or hold on.⁠
We'll have grown⁠
We'll have gained.⁠
Like stones shaped by the waves. ⁠
Running into other stones, getting caught in storms.⁠
There will be many things we'll hold on to ⁠
& many we'll let go. ⁠
All part of a world in motion. ⁠
 'Soltar': the spanish verb for 'Letting go or setting free'.