The river

The river 
It always runs, and yet it always remains.
It exists always the same and yet is at every moment new. 
Just like the river we’re often running.
Spending attention on all or big & small errands. 
Being caught up in the day to day. 
Just like the river,
there is the ‘being’ in the being-caught-up-in that will always remain. 
Just like the river,
there is the ‘attention we’re spending that is here to stay.
Like the river we're rather a stream than a result.
We exist always the same yet are at every moment new. 
A stream of old thoughts and new impressions sparking fresh ideas.

A ceaseless process of slowly shifting identities.
Shaping ourselves like water to its surroundings, 
or shaping our surroundings to us like water. 
Inspired by the stories of German-swiss Poet Herman Hessers
Lighthearted, is what we're becoming when nature's teachings reach us. 
Let’s share more of those moments together.